Week One: Introduction

Tuesday 10th January, 18:00 – 20:00 

Arts and Law Building, Room 103

Unsurprisingly, the first week of our seminar series will be largely introductory. We want to see what people are interested in talking about for the duration of the term so we can make sure each week facilitates that discussion, so we will be asking what you want to talk about as well as talking about game and VR studies in a broad sense.

There is some reading that may help encourage some discussion points:

  • “Video Games Are Boring” – an article by Brie Code, game developer (she was the lead programmer on Ubisoft’s Child of Light) that potentially challenges the way that people within gaming circles (developers, players, publishers) define a ‘good game’.
  • “Nobody Asked for a Toaster Critic” – Ian Bogost’s introduction to the 2015 book How to Talk About Videogames.
    • Please contact us via our email for a copy of this intro.

We will have the Playstation 4 version of Journey available to play during the seminar.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Becky, Vicki and Richard


Email: playpauseuob@gmail.com



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