Week 2: Virtual Reality Introduction

Tuesday 17th January


This week we will start the seminar in Arts 147, so head there first!

After our Week 1 session discussion on video games, we will be using Week 2 to get to grips with the other medium which will be central to the PLAY/PAUSE seminars: Virtual Reality. This week will mainly be used as an introduction to the hardware (for those who’ve not yet had the chance to try VR) and to some of the discourses which have shaped/will shape our cultural perceptions of VR.

Again, for those who want to do some prior reading/watching, some texts to inspire thoughts before the seminar:

  • Final segments of Jaron Lanier’s ‘You are Not a Gadget’ – Hard copies of this are available outside Arts 147. If you are unable to get the hard copy, please email us (playpauseuob@gmail.com).

As iterated in our welcome post, the point of the seminar series is to consider a wide range of perspectives – both in approaches, but also in opinions. When it comes to VR, it is important to consider that people have very different expectations and ideas; let’s consider the good, the bad and the ugly!

Both of the texts have similar topics in mind: embodiment, blurring boundaries of reality/virtuality, addiction, (post)human, affect and expression. Come armed with your thoughts and ideas.

We will have the HTC Vive set up to play during the seminar. We will be exploring Valve’s The Lab, a compilation of various ‘experiments’ which provide a great introductory experience to VR.

We hope to see you there!

Vicki, Becky, and Richard


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